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The powerful 2018 Documentary, "Homeless in Modesto"

Christina Kenney, a member of CHAT:

Christina Kenney worked herself out of her own homelessness, and is now a powerful member of Modesto’s CHAT Team. CHAT is the acronym of the Community Health and Assistance Team:

Jim Stokes oversees both the traditional portion of the Berberian Salvation Army and the Low Barrier Shelter of the County.

Ruben Imperial is the Assistant Executive Officer for Stanislaus County

Brandon Gillespie is the Modesto City Police Department Chief of Police. He describes the changes in policing in Modesto since the 2018 Boise Decision:

Bonnie Acree and her husband Corey converted their Ice Cream Co and Grill to become a 501c3 non-profit, Enrich and Employ. It trains, hires and graduates unhoused people and those with barriers to employment in our community.

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