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Our Projects

We advocate to our community, elected officials, and local leaders about how our unhoused services must be improved. Our very first project is to establish communities of Tier-1 shelter units. Our 2nd project is a continuation of our educational effort developing documentaries: Homeless In Modesto 2.

"Homeless in Modesto" and "Homeless in Modesto 2"

The historic "Homeless in Modesto" movie of 2018 is at


"Homeless in Modesto 2" as been under construction for several years, and will screen late October, 2022.
It begins with the MOES camp, the Modesto Outdoors Emergency Shelter, under the 9th Street Bridge.

Project Elements

Tier 1 Housing Land

We are seeking land that can be used for a Pallet Shelter type Village, or a Tiny Homes Village.

Availability of land at the intersection of Tully and 9th, the Sutton Park area just south of Johansen High School, the south end of 10th Street, and the Stanislaus Recovery Center in Ceres are being investigated. 

So. End 10th St Enlarge!.jpg
SRC County land forSleeping site_.png

Building Relationships

- With Modesto City Council and Stanislaus County Supervisors.

We have met with Council members Nick Bavaro, Chris Ricci, David Wright, Jeremiah Williams, Eric Alvarez, and Rosa Escutia-Braaton.

We also met with Mayor Zwahlen as well as staff members Joe Lopez and Jessica Hill.  
We have met with Supervisors Terry Withrow, Channce Condit, Mani Grewald, Vito Chiesa and Buck Condit.  8//23

- And with others such as community groups, non-profits, individual activists, etc.

The Search for a site for Tier-1 shelter Is Ongoing.

Property at Tully & 9th St

Burned building & Lot .jpg
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