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What did it take for Chuck and Diana to work their way up from meth, joblessness and homelessness- out to jobs and housing?

Answer: MOES, DST, Dean Dodd, Seargent Hammond - who "doesn't have a cold bone in his body"- and Chuck's Mom in the tent next door. And more. Note: as of winter 2023, Chuck works in the Low Barrier Shelter; Deanna in the traditional Salvation Army.

Check out their very informative interview with Eric Caine:
Chuck and Deanna

A Bit About You?

Are you unhoused? Have you worked your way out of homelessness? Our community would love to hear your story. Contact us, submit your story of how you became homeless, what that was like, how you are working to get out of it, and who helped you? If you are already housed and stable, then share your journey with us as well!

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