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Modesto Citizens
Action Group

Organizing families, friends and neighbors to care for the unheard in our society

Next meeting:
Modesto Peace/Life Center
829 13th St,Modesto  May 30, 2023 4-5P.M.

Small Houses
built at Imperial     Valley College
    for homeless or          indigent students

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Our Community Action Group

Our members have been working on Modesto’s homeless issues since 2012. Frank has worked on County/City homelessness boards; Eric has written dozens of The Valley Citizen articles displaying the grueling realities of homelessness in this region; our TEAM produced and screened the video documentary Homeless in Modesto (2018); Steve and Frank incorporated our outreach group, SHARE, which finds individuals "falling between the cracks" of community services and directly helps them. Lynelle posts about her ministrations at

The "Homeless in Modesto 2023"video documentary will screen late Summer, 2023.

We advocate to our community, elected officials, and local leaders about how our unhoused services must be improved. Our very first project is to establish communities of Tier-1 shelter units. Our 2nd project is a continuation of our educational effort developing documentaries: Homeless In Modesto 2 or HIM2.

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Bi-Weekly Meetings

Join us at Modesto Peace and

Life Center alternate Tuesdays from 4 P.M. to 5 P.M.

829 13th St, Modesto, CA 95354

Next meetings:

Join us:

May 30

June 6

June 20

July 4

July 18

Our Projects

"Homeless in Modesto" and "Homeless in Modesto 2"

After 5 years of interviews and filming, we screened "Homeless in Modesto" in Summer, 2018.

In the Fall of 2018, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in Martin v Boise, that no community can arrest or ticket a person sleeping on public land, UNLESS the community has enough shelter beds available to shelter them. Since that decision, many helpful changes have been implemented throughout Western States.

They are not enough! "Homeless in Modesto 2" will showcase these positive changes in Modesto, yet point out remaining inadequacies. In 2023, there are still over 1,000 homeless in Modesto.

            Alarmingly, the Modesto Police Department has now made ticketing legal here, despite the Boise Decision. 


How can you help?

* Come to our Meetings and participate in discussions

* Write letters and make social media posts

* Go to City Council meetings and urge them to establish Safe sleeping areas! The city-owned property of the south end of 10th St. would be a grand spot to start!

Contacts for our City Council:

Modesto City Council Districts.png
The Search for a site for Tier-1 shelter Is Ongoing.

Property at Tully & 9th St

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Frank Ploof                

Richard Anderson

Pedro Ramirez   


Know a place Suitable for a Pallet or Tiny Homes Village?

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